Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long Night in Thee Cow Shed:

Fern Dimsbuddie sure is a sasspot. Lemme give ya news:
She done blowed her last note tonight. Why? Well, I'm gonna let it rip, k?..and,
believe you me when I get done blowin-off 'bout her big ass an' lip you'll know why her backside looks like Kansas in da last Election (dat's RED, damnit!)....

...First off, we only be naked at rehearsal. Den she's got da nerve to walk in wid a pair of buckskin bitches on!'s me and my missus bare as babes with our kazoos and our eyes are about ready to pop with flames.

"Fern!," I yell, gettin her all steamed an' jostly blushing.

"What all's the matter with you, Scotch," she replys, knowin me nickname, familar-like. Scamp-touseled pussy, waiting for the round-house spankin' I'd say...

...Well. I'm tuckered out. These rehearsals are gettin tougher and tougher.
Two women, with one in britches, will just not suit me. No way. No how.

"Off with 'em, Fern...and bend over here, 'cross me knee." says I, "We got a little playing to do on that shameless booty of yours."

Kazoo out!

x,Kilbassa (aka: Scotch)


Condom said...

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Kilbassa said...

And you, Condom, are SPAM.
Kilbassa don' need no condrums..
I'm a man with a Missus.

Than, again, if Fern were to shake her booty just a bit more I may need one a those rubber french balloons..

In the meantime, Chum..go bow ya own Kazoo somwhere's else. I dam busy.

Kiss off,
your Spam-Killer,

Os said...

Hey! What in the hell happened to you??? Did you freeze your balls in the Cow-shed, or what?

Come on, Kilbassa..fess up!


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