Friday, November 14, 2008

Sugasm # 152: Tricks & Sugary Treats in Mostleedirt!

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Sugarbutch Star: Maze - The Girl in the Red Dress
“She’s the kind of girl who brings out the worst in me.”

treat or … fuck
“He looked like I had just given him a car for Christmas and he gently took my hand and led me upstairs. ”

A Life Exposed and Amplified
“We were breaking the rules and being dirty.”

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Sugar Bank

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I told him I loved him. He gave me a pen.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long Night in Thee Cow Shed:

Fern Dimsbuddie sure is a sasspot. Lemme give ya news:
She done blowed her last note tonight. Why? Well, I'm gonna let it rip, k?..and,
believe you me when I get done blowin-off 'bout her big ass an' lip you'll know why her backside looks like Kansas in da last Election (dat's RED, damnit!)....

...First off, we only be naked at rehearsal. Den she's got da nerve to walk in wid a pair of buckskin bitches on!'s me and my missus bare as babes with our kazoos and our eyes are about ready to pop with flames.

"Fern!," I yell, gettin her all steamed an' jostly blushing.

"What all's the matter with you, Scotch," she replys, knowin me nickname, familar-like. Scamp-touseled pussy, waiting for the round-house spankin' I'd say...

...Well. I'm tuckered out. These rehearsals are gettin tougher and tougher.
Two women, with one in britches, will just not suit me. No way. No how.

"Off with 'em, Fern...and bend over here, 'cross me knee." says I, "We got a little playing to do on that shameless booty of yours."

Kazoo out!

x,Kilbassa (aka: Scotch)

Testin one twoo thee

I knowed what ya thinkin': This here somenabitch took some other half-nekkid's idea and spread its shiney legs! Well. Before you go readying a hogs shot-gun, lemme give ya the news.
This ain't no O-bie-asso Half-nakked Thursday; he too stuffy wid his music, anyhoo.
What I'm proposin comes directly from this here country wherein I was born and bred~~Naked, nude, with a kazoo in my mouth, and deep desire for nudist Wednesday's.
That "other" Naked Guy stole my idea!

So..I'd just got to bust to make it right. The Missus goes with me, la-dee-da....So, see ya next time.
This is the Real, Montanna, NAKED WEDNESDAYS!!!!